Residential Real Estate In Ethiopia

Residential property is real estate that has been developed or zoned for living, such as single family houses, apartments, or mobile home parks. What types of property are considered residential? Any property that is available for occupation for a non-business purpose may be a residential property. This can include: Condominiums : privately owned units within larger buildings or communities, similar to the structure of apartment buildings. Townhomes : units that are usually larger than condos but still share walls with one or two other buildings. Cooperatives : units within one building where everyone living in the building owns the building together. Single-family houses: usually built on a single lot without having to share space with other dwellings. Multi-family houses: usually range in size from two to four units, such as a duplex or a four-plex, but anything larger than four units is considered commercial property.

Here are some of the types of residential real estate

By Number Of Dwellers- Real Estate In Ethiopia

 Single Family Real Estate

A single-family home is a standalone house built for one family. Single-family homes offer more privacy and space than other types of Homes. This type of house is the most common n Ethiopia

Multi Family Real Estate

A multi-family home is a structure that includes more than one collection of living spaces with separate entrances. Multi-family homes are the least common type of residential building in Ethiopia.

By Structure- Real Estate In Ethiopia


Condominium is a complex having a number of residences in a building or group of buildings on a single plot which share the common areas for every dweller. Ethiopia is known for Government built condominiums which are now homes of hundred thousands of people.


An apartment is a set of rooms for living in private residence in a building or that’s divided into several separate dwellings usually on one floor of a large building.

Addis Ababa city has built a great apartment for sale in Addis Ababa around Total Sost Kutr Mazoria, Bole, Mexico AU and Bole bulbula a developed neighborhood which is have schools, hospital and many more services.

Villa House

Villa house is a common type of buildings which can be single-storey or multi-storey. And, it has a compound wall around the house.

Although the above mentioned real estates are the most common in Ethiopia, there are Plenty more residential real estates like mansions, vacation houses, duplex, etc..

Family real estate PLC, is an Ethiopian company, bringing in progress and new building homes in Ethiopia to fulfill the needs of luxury real estate for sale and rent in Addis Ababa and all of Ethiopia as well

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